e-taxhelp Zambia Limited provides the follwing services to help with tax compliance requirements.

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Service Description
 1 Transfer Pricing Compliance: compliance with Section 97A of the Income Tax Act, as amended by the Income Tax (Transfer Pricing) (Amendment) Regulations 2018


1.      Arm’s length analysis (benchmarking) using the most appropriate of:

  • Comparable uncontrolled price method
  • Resale price method
  • Cost plus method
  • Transactional net margin method; and
  • Transactional profit split method
  • Other (subject to approval by ZRA CG)

2.     Comparability Analysis

  • Functional Analysis
  • Property and Sevices Characteristics Reviews
  • Contract Reviews
  • Economic Environment Analysis
  • Business Strategy review

3.       Preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation

  • Master File
  • Local File
  • Country by Country (CbC) Report

4.      Defending arm’s length position

 2 Pre-Audit Compliance Assurance Assurance checks to ensure all that tax laws have been complied with (including compliance with Transfer Pricing requirements)
3 Account Management Ensuring that tax account ledgers are up-to-date, transactions correctly posted, reconciled with ZRA and ready for issuance of Tax Clearance Certificates at the beginning of each tax accounting year.
4 Reverse VAT Managing tax matters on behalf of foreign service providers. Includes issuing VAT Tax Invoices to local clients, tax liabilities to tax authorities and facilitating their payments.
5 TPIN Registration Individuals and all types of establishments. For Fast Truck TPIN registration send:

  1. Copy of NRC (Both sides)
  2. Sketch Map of Residence
  3. Plot/House Number
  4. Street Name
  5. Area
  6. Town
  7. Mobile Phone Number
  8. Marital Status

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6 Tax Registration  All tax type registrations
7 Return Preparation and Filling All Taxes, including preparation of Financial statements in the case of Income Tax return filling
8 Withholding VAT Refunds for the 2017 accounting year. Reconciling VAT account with ZRA and filling an application for refund
9 PAYE Refund Claim Making yearend adjustments to tax assessments to determine refund position and filing PAYE refund returns.
10 Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) Application Ensuring that all returns are filed, all transactions are correctly posted, arranging settlements where need be and filling an application for TCC
11 Penalty waiver application Providing convincing reasons for application
12 Filling Objections Gathering the necessary information and facts about the case and preparing a written statement, giving the relevant legislation that is applicable to the case.
13 Application for installments payments (TPA) Reconcile tax accounts with ZRA, prepare cash-follow statement with supporting documentation, negotiating payment terms with the Debt Recovery Unit of ZRA and filling TPA agreement proposal.
14 Other Write mail to